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Carpobrotus rossii 'Native Pigface'
Family: Aizoaceae

Origin: Tas, Vic, SA. Tasmanian provenance.

Prostrate ground cover 5cm height. Width is several metres. Perennial. Growth rate very fast. Use for banks, under trees and shrubs. Most soils from free-draining to almost waterlogged. Takes sand and salt. Full sun to part shade. Extremely drought tolerant. Very frost hardy. Pink flowers in Spring. Pruning not required but can be divided.

Features: Very good weed suppressant. Great between rocks in rockeries. Ideal coastal plant. Bush tucker plant - ripe fruit can be eaten raw or stewed.

Feature Codes: ABCEPQS
Seeds per gram: 2480

Disphyma crassifolium 'Round Leaf Pigface' or 'Jellybeans'

Origin: Tas, Temperate Australia - Tas provenance.

Prostrate ground cover 3cm tall and several metres wide. Perennial. Growth rate fast. Use for banks, rockeries, hanging baskets. Full sun to part shade. Most soils from very dry to almost waterlogged. Takes sand and salt. Very frost hardy. Extremely drought tolerant. Masses of pink flowers in Spring.

Features: Very good weed suppressant. Ideal coastal plant.

Feature Codes: AIaU

Rhagodia candolleana
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Rhagodia candolleana 'Coastal Saltbush'

Origin: Tas, Temperate Australia - Tas provenance.

Spreading ground cover to ascending shrub up to 1.0m. Evergreen. Use for garden beds, dry banks, under trees. Grey green succulent foliage.Any soil with good drainage especially sand. Full sun to part shade. Very frost hardy. Very drought tolerant. Very wind firm. Pruning not required but will tolerate hard pruning.

Features:Bush tucker - red berries in autumn. Bird attracting. Excellent plant for dry shade. Will grow under Eucalypts.

Feature Codes: AQSU

Sarcocornia (Salicornia) quinqueflora 'Samphire or Glasswort'

Ground covering succulent to 0.25 metres. Leafless stems green, red and purple.

Feature Codes: AIabOSTU
Seeds per gram: 4370

Suaeda australis 'Seablite'

Semi-succulent sub-shrub to 0.6 metres. Foliage green or russet.

Feature Codes: AEIabSTU
Seeds per gram: 1630

Tetragonia implexicoma 'Bower Spinach'

Family: Aizoaceae

Origin: Tas, Vic, NSW, SA, WA, NZ -Tasmanian provenance.

Ground cover, climber or trailer. Perennial. Forms mats to 10cm deep. Growth rate very fast. Use on banks, under trees and shrubs. Best in sand or dry, heavier soils. Full sun to part shade. Moderately frost hardy. Extremely drought tolerant. Flowering in spring. Very good weed suppressant. Edible berries for wildlife. Bush tucker plant - leaves eaten raw or cooked. Ideal coastal plant. Prune if required to control size.

Feature Codes: ABENOPQU

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The feature codes used above are as follows:

A Coastal exposure; beach frontage, dunes or cliffs.  J Sub-alpine to alpine; Areas above montane, often treeless.
B Coastal heath; sandy soils, high wind exposure, low nutrient levels.  K Grasslands.
C Dry sclerophyll forest; rocky, poor soil types; very good drainage, low rainfall.  Ka Coastal dune systems.
D Riverbank and riparian; associated with streams and rivers.  Kb Lowland savannah; open grassland and grassy open forests.
E Widespread; distributed over much of the state.  Kc Montane grasslands, heaths and herbfields.
F Wet sclerophyll/eucalyptus forest; deep fertile soils; rainfall 1000-1500mm per year.  Kd Alpine tussock grasslands and herbfields.
G Temperate rainforest, myrtle forest; rainfall in excess of 1500mm per year.  N Frost hardy; tolerant of frosts to at least minus 7.0 degrees C.
H Montane; plateau vegetation including high altitude eucalyptus forests.  O Drought tolerant.
I Swamps and bogs.  P Shade tolerant; indicates tolerance of full or partial (P) shade.
Ia Coastal saltmarsh; dominated by succulents, grasses and sedges; very saline.  Q Edible; various plant parts.
Ib Brackish coastal and estuarine.  R Poisonous (where known).
Ic Freshwater swamps and soaks.  S Pioneer species.
Id Moving water (freshwater).  T Tolerant of poor drainage.
Ie Buttongrass sedgelands; poor drainage; high fire frequency; high rainfall.  U Salt tolerant.
If Alpine moors and bogs.  X Tasmanian endemic species.