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 Bush Foods Collections

Bush Foods Collection 1.

1. Coprosma quadrifida 'Native Currant' - Masses of red juicy berries
  • Edible part: Fruit.
2. Tasmannia lanceolata 'Tasmanian Pepper' - spicy black berries
  • Edible parts: Fruit and leaves.
3. Ozothamnus obcordatus 'Native Thyme' - native seasoning
  • Edible part: Leaves.
4. Salicornia quinqueflora 'Sea Asparagus' - succulent greens with a hint of the sea
  • Edible parts: Young stems.



Bush Foods Collection

Bush Foods Collection 2.

1. Billardiera scandens 'Apple Dumplings' - sweet yellow berries
  • Edible part: Fruit.
2. Dianella tasmanica 'Blue Flax Lily'. - Sprays of beautiful dark blue berries
  • Edible part: Fruit.
3. Arthropodium strictum 'Chocolate Lily' - Chocolate scented flowers (not edible but an olfactory delight)
  • Edible part: Tuber.
4. Lomandra longifolia 'Sagg' - an underrated plant with subtle beauty
  • Edible part: Young leaves, flowers and seeds.




Bush Foods Collection 3.

1. Acacia sophorae 'Coastal Wattle' - spice up your daily bread or cake
  • Edible part: Seeds.
2. Suaeda australis 'Seablite' - mineral packed greens
  • Edible parts: Tips and leaves.
3 . Kunzea ambigua 'Sweet White Kunzea' - fragrant, soothing pick-me-up
  • Edible part: Leaves.
4. Carpobrotus rossii 'Native Pigface' - sweet, juicy treat
  • Edible parts: Fruit and Leaves.
  • Bush food recipes included with the detailed growing and germination notes.





Bush Foods Collection 4.

Burchardia umbellata 'Milk Maids'
  • Edible part: Tubers
Gaultheria hispida 'Snow Berry'
  • Edible part: Berries
Kennedia prostrata 'Running Postman'
  • Edible part: Nectar
Wahlenbergia multicaulis 'Bushy Bluebell'
  • Edible part: Flowers





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