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  Seeds from Tasmania - General

The Seeds From Tasmania seed packets are a selection of Tasmanian native seed species in high quality packaging targeted at the enthusiast and tourist market. The development of this new product has been a direct result of demand from these specific market areas over the last few years. Seeds From Tasmania and its product have been based on the experience of the sister company Wildseed Tasmania which has been the source of the Seeds from Tasmanialargest catalogue of Tasmanian seed species for the last ten years.

Enquiries for other species or bulk quantities can be made to Wildseed Tasmania via the Contact page.

Wholesale enquiries welcome. The Seeds from Tasmania Collections and Seeds from Tasmania single packets can be mixed together to suit the needs of retail outlets.

The selection consists of over 60 species that allows the retailer to tailor a display of 40 species (i.e. 5 species from 8 ranges) to suit their local requirements. Wildseed Tasmania can advise as to your most appropriate local species.

What we do ...

Our purpose is to collect, process, package and distribute a comprehensive range of Tasmanian and Australian native seed for both the Australian public and for export.

Our seed is collected in Tasmania, or sourced from select seed suppliers in other Australian states.

Once the seed is collected, it is processed on site, dried, cleaned and fumigated where necessary to ensure that you receive the best quality seeds possible.

Our packets are wholly Australian made.

Export Compliance

All seed foil packed for freshness, prevention of moisture, mould and to extend the shelf life.

Where our seed packets cannot go:

  • New Zealand
  • Western Australia  

We can arrange for seed to be mailed to these locations but a phytosanitary certificate is required at an additional cost.

To enquire about the associated costs and quarantine requirements, please email

The selection is broken into 9 colour-coded ranges that highlight the diversity of the Tasmanian flora and the plant communities in which they occur. The ranges provided are: Blue Gum seed packet

The ranges have been selected for:

  • Longevity in storage
  • Relative ease of germination
  • Plant form (tree/shrub/ground cover etc.)
  • Hardiness (drought/frost resistance)
  • Floristic or botanical features
  • Low weed potential overseas
  • Reflection of the Tasmanian flora
  • Endemism - approximately 30% occur solely in Tasmania

All seed is foil-packed for freshness and to meet export compliance. Packet information includes:

  • Both common & botanical names
  • "Sow By" date
  • Pictorial (photographic) representation of the plant and/or its feature
  • Suggested ultimate growing dimensions
  • Hardiness
  • Ideal growing location
  • Germination & growing notes
  • Packet contents (seed quantity) either 15, 25, 50 or 200 seed minimum
  • Contact details