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  Carnivorous Plants

Drosera arcturi 'Alpine Sundew'

Insectivorous plant to 0.2 metres. Single white flowers in summer.
Stocks often limited.
Feature Codes: EIfJNT

Drosera auriculata 'Sundew'

Delicate green carnivorous plant. Lower leaves in rosette. Flowers white or pink flowering spring / summer. Erect stems covered with sticky hairs.
Feature Codes: ECB

Drosera binata 'Forked Sundew'

Stocks often limited.
Feature Codes:

Drosera peltata var auriculata 'Tall Sundew'
Stocks often limited.
Feature Codes:

Drosera peltata subsp. peltata 'Pale Sundew'
Utricularia dichotoma
Utricularia dichotoma 'Bladderwort/Fairies Aprons'

Small herb 5 - 25cm. Almost leafless. Purple flowers on fine stems in summer. Carnivorous.

Feature Codes: EHIceT
Seeds per gram:

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The feature codes used above are as follows:

A Coastal exposure; beach frontage, dunes or cliffs.  J Sub-alpine to alpine; Areas above montane, often treeless.
B Coastal heath; sandy soils, high wind exposure, low nutrient levels.  K Grasslands.
C Dry sclerophyll forest; rocky, poor soil types; very good drainage, low rainfall.  Ka Coastal dune systems.
D Riverbank and riparian; associated with streams and rivers.  Kb Lowland savannah; open grassland and grassy open forests.
E Widespread; distributed over much of the state.  Kc Montane grasslands, heaths and herbfields.
F Wet sclerophyll/eucalyptus forest; deep fertile soils; rainfall 1000-1500mm per year.  Kd Alpine tussock grasslands and herbfields.
G Temperate rainforest, myrtle forest; rainfall in excess of 1500mm per year.  N Frost hardy; tolerant of frosts to at least minus 7.0 degrees C.
H Montane; plateau vegetation including high altitude eucalyptus forests.  O Drought tolerant.
I Swamps and bogs.  P Shade tolerant; indicates tolerance of full or partial (P) shade.
Ia Coastal saltmarsh; dominated by succulents, grasses and sedges; very saline.  Q Edible; various plant parts.
Ib Brackish coastal and estuarine.  R Poisonous (where known).
Ic Freshwater swamps and soaks.  S Pioneer species.
Id Moving water (freshwater).  T Tolerant of poor drainage.
Ie Buttongrass sedgelands; poor drainage; high fire frequency; high rainfall.  U Salt tolerant.
If Alpine moors and bogs.  X Tasmanian endemic species.