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  Associated Products - Books

A Guide to Flowers and Plants of TasmaniaA Guide to Flowers and Plants of Tasmania
Launceston Field Naturalists Club
Published by Reed New Holland, ISBN 1 87633 4355

An excellent non-technical guide to the more frequently found Tasmanian vegetation. Combines text with 300 colour photographs for easy identification. The guide covers habitats from montane to coastal and most in between.

Alpine TasmaniaAlpine Tasmania - An illustrated guide to the flora and vegetation
Jamie Kirkpatrick
Published by Oxford University Press, ISBN 0 19 553753 X

An outstanding guide to the flora and vegetation of Tasmania's alpine regions by the noted conservation ecologist and plant geographer, Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick. Includes 400 high quality line drawings and 24 colour plates by the renowned wilderness photographer, the late Peter Dombrovskis.

The Ferns of TasmaniaThe Ferns of Tasmania - Their ecology and distribution
Michael Garrett
Published by Tasmanian Forest Research Council Inc.,
ISBN 0 7246 3519 X

Perhaps the most definitive text dedicated to the Tasmanian ferns and their allies by the recognised authority in this field, Michael Garrett. The book contains extensive ecology, distribution, propagation and cultural information as well as field keys for all Tasmanian genera. All described species are illustrated with high quality colour photographs.

Associated Products - Smoke Treatment

Smoke Pre-treatment
We now stock the 'Kirstenbosch' smoke impregnated papers for use with species requiring exposure to smoke to overcome germination dormancy. These proven papers provide a simple, cost effective means of germinating many difficult native seeds. Papers are merely immersed in water and seed soaked for 24 hours prior to sowing.

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