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  Shrub - G to L

Gaultheria hispida 'Snow Berry'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Spreading shrub 1.0 to 2.0 metres. Young growth red. Flowers spring/summer. Showy snow-white berries.

Feature Codes: EFGHJNPQX
Seeds per gram: 4000+

Gompholobium huegelii 'Pale Wedge Pea'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Leafy spreading soft shrub to 20cm with pale yellow pea flowers. All soils except wet. Drought tolerant. Will grow in sand.

Feature Codes: ABCEO

Goodenia ovata 'Hop Goodenia'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Spreading shrub to 2.0 metres. Small yellow flowers on arching branches in spring.

Feature Codes: BCDEFPS
Seeds per gram: 670

Goodia lotifolia 'Clovertree'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Erect or spreading shrub 2.0m -2.5m height. 2.0m -2.5m width. Evergreen. Growth rate fast to very fast. Use for screen, shrubbery and specimen. any soil with fair drainage. Full sun to part shade. Moderately frost hardy. Very drought resistant (can die back a long way in drought and recover with rain).Moderately wind firm. Yellow pea flowers in Spring and Summer. Tip prune regularly to maintain a dense shrub or prune hard annually after flowering.

Features: Ornamental. Bird attracting (honey eaters and parrots).

Feature Codes: (B)CEOPR
Seeds per gram: 50

Grevillea australis var. montana 'Southern Grevillea'

Origin: Tasmanian endemic species

Low spreading shrub to 70 cm tall. Scented white flowers in spring.

Feature Codes: DHIFKcNOX

Gunnera manicata 'Dinosaur's Rhubarb'

Origin: SE Brazil. Tasmanian provenance.

Clump forming herbaceous perennial (dies down in winter) 2.0-2.5m height. Width 2.0-3.0m. Growth rate extremely fast. Ornamental. All soils with reasonable drainage but will take boggy ground. Part to full shade. Does not like hot wind. Very frost hardy but dies off in winter. Requires plenty of summer water. Flower spikes in late Spring to early Summer.

Features: Ideal for gullies, pond surrounds. Great foliage plant - leaves 1.0m+ wide. Huge flower spikes 1.0m+ tall. A genuine oddity for the garden.

Refer to wetland plants for price.

Hovea corrickiae 'Glossy Purplepea'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Shrub to 3.0m. Mauve (white) flowers in spring followed by ornamental seed pods.

Feature Codes: CO(P)
Seeds per gram: 20


Hovea montana 'Mountain Purplepea'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Low spreading shrub to 0.3m. Underside of leaves russet. Masses of purple pea flowers in Spring followed by ornamental inflated seed pods. Very frostand snow hardy. Full sun to part shade. Most soils. use for mass planting, borders, pots.

Feature Codes: HN(P)

Hymenanthera dentata var angustifolia 'Tree Violet'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Rigid shrub to 1.8 metres. Much branched and carrying stout thorns. Small pendulous yellow flowers along the undersides of branches in spring.

Feature Codes: CD(H)N

Indigofera australis 'Native Indigo'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Slender shrub to 1.5 metres. Leaves blue-green. Pink-lilac pea flowers in spring. Ornamental.

Feature Codes: ABCPRU
Seeds per gram: 178

Kunzea ambigua 'White Kunzea'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Spreading or erect shrub 2.0 to 5.0 metres. Honey scented white flowers in spring.

Feature Codes: ABPU
Seeds per gram: 15000+

Lasiopetalum macrophyllum ' Shrubby Velvetbush'

Origin: Tas, Vic, NSW. Tasmanian provenance.

Bushy shrub 1.0-2.0m height. Width 1.0-2.0m. Evergreen. Growth rate moderate to fast. Use for shrubberies, small screens. Most well drained soils but best on sand. Full sun to part shade. Will take light frosts. Drought proof. Extremely wind firm. Flowers in Spring. Pruning only to control size. Will respond to very severe pruning.

Features: Soft velvety leaves with rusty undersides. Will grow inland or on the coast. Will tolerate salt wind and soils.

Leptecophylla abietina

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Leptecophylla divaricata (syn.Cyathodes) 'Eastern Pinkberry'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance

Erect shrub to 1.0 metres. Large pink (white or red) berries in Autumn.

Feature Codes: CKbOX
Seeds per gram: 16

Leptecophylla juniperina (syn.Cyathodes) 'Pinkberry'

Origin: Tasmanian endemic species.

Bushy shrub 1.0 to 2.0 metres. White flowers in late spring. Berries pink.

Feature Codes: EFHNPQX
Seeds per gram: 42

Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. parvifolia (syn.Cyathodes parvifolia) 'Mountain Berry'

Origin: Tasmanian endemic species.

Shrub 0.6 to 1.2 metres. Similar to C. juniperina but often from higher altitudes. Tasmanian bush tucker.

Feature Codes: EHJNQX
Seeds per gram: 60

Leucophyta brownii 'Cushion Bush'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance.

Rigid ground covering shrub wind pruned to 1.0 metres. All parts silvery white. Ornamental. Seed sold with pappus.

Feature Codes: ABO

Leucopogon lanceolatus 'Coast Beard Heath'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance.

Shrub usually to 2.0 metres. White flowers in spring with blue-green fruits turning red in summer.

Feature Codes: A(B)KaPU

Leucopogon parviflorus 'Coastal Currant'

Origin: Tasmanian provenance.

Dense shrub 2.0 to 4.0 metres. White fleshy fruits. Flowers in spring. Tasmanian Bush Tucker.

Feature Codes: ABEOQU
Seeds per gram: 105

Lomatia polymorpha 'Variable Leaf Lomatia'

Origin: Tasmanian endemic species.

Sweet scented shrub to 4.0 metres. Leaves variable. Flowers cream-white in summer.

Feature Codes: DEFGHJNPX
Seeds per gram: 200

Lomatia tinctoria 'Guitar Plant'

Origin: Tasmanian endemic species.

Small shrub to 1.0 m+. Divided leaves. White-cream flowers in spring/summer. Ornamental.

Feature Codes: BCEPX
Seeds per gram: 340

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The feature codes used above are as follows:

A Coastal exposure; beach frontage, dunes or cliffs.  J Sub-alpine to alpine; Areas above montane, often treeless.
B Coastal heath; sandy soils, high wind exposure, low nutrient levels.  K Grasslands.
C Dry sclerophyll forest; rocky, poor soil types; very good drainage, low rainfall.  Ka Coastal dune systems.
D Riverbank and riparian; associated with streams and rivers.  Kb Lowland savannah; open grassland and grassy open forests.
E Widespread; distributed over much of the state.  Kc Montane grasslands, heaths and herbfields.
F Wet sclerophyll/eucalyptus forest; deep fertile soils; rainfall 1000-1500mm per year.  Kd Alpine tussock grasslands and herbfields.
G Temperate rainforest, myrtle forest; rainfall in excess of 1500mm per year.  N Frost hardy; tolerant of frosts to at least minus 7.0 degrees C.
H Montane; plateau vegetation including high altitude eucalyptus forests.  O Drought tolerant.
I Swamps and bogs.  P Shade tolerant; indicates tolerance of full or partial (P) shade.
Ia Coastal saltmarsh; dominated by succulents, grasses and sedges; very saline.  Q Edible; various plant parts.
Ib Brackish coastal and estuarine.  R Poisonous (where known).
Ic Freshwater swamps and soaks.  S Pioneer species.
Id Moving water (freshwater).  T Tolerant of poor drainage.
Ie Buttongrass sedgelands; poor drainage; high fire frequency; high rainfall.  U Salt tolerant.
If Alpine moors and bogs.  X Tasmanian endemic species.